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Inside of Hummer
  • Inside of Hummer
    Back seat of Hummer Limo showing view of VIP seat which is elevated (for that special customer)
  • Inside of Hummer
    Full view of rear passenger compartment looking towards the driver's window. Notice the star lighting and fiberoptic lighting.
  • Inside of Hummer
    View from the back door of the Hummer Limo. Awesome laser lighting.
  • Inside of Hummer
    This is a view of the bar closest to the front of the limo.
  • Inside of Hummer
    Another view of the bar closest to the driver
  • Inside of Hummer
    Large "J" seat closest to the driver area.
  • Inside of Hummer
    View of the long, straight seat and seat in front of the "VIP" seat.
  • Inside of Hummer
    Looking into the limo from the back passenger door.
  • Inside of Hummer
    This shows the second bar area, closer to the back of the limo, am/fm/cd/dvd stereo unit - 14 speakers, subwoofer and power amplifiers.
  • Inside of Hummer
    Photo of the front of the Hummer Limo
  • Inside of Hummer
    Looking down the side of the limo.

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Inside of Hummer